ANSI/CEMA STANDARD 501.1, SPECIFICATIONS FOR WELDED STEEL WING PULLEYS, provides recommended load ratings, dimensional information, and criteria for selection of welded steel wing pulleys. Includes Metric Values and Examples. Available in PDF format.  ($20.00) 16 pages, ANSI/CEMA 501.1/2015 (R-2009)  Details, and purchase information CLICK HERE.   
CEMA STANDARD No. 502, BULK MATERIAL BELT CONVEYOR TROUGHING AND RETURN IDLERS, standard for CEMA class B, C, D, E & F troughing, return and picking idlers. Includes Metric Values and Examples. Available in PDF format.  ($30.00) 44 pages, CEMA-502/2016.  Details and purchase information CLICK HERE.  
550-2009cvr ANSI/CEMA STANDARD No. 550, CLASSIFICATION AND DEFINITIONS OF BULK MATERIALS, material classifications with physical characteristics of each, hazards that affect conveyability.  Available in PDF format.  ($40.00) 86 pages, ANSI/CEMA-550/2003, (R-2015).  Details and purchase information, CLICK HERE.  
575-2013 cvr CEMA STANDARD No. 575, BULK MATERIAL BELT CONVEYOR IMPACT BED/CRADLE: SELECTION AND DIMENSIONS, establishes impact energy ratings, assures the users of conveyor impact beds/cradles are dimensionally compatible w/conveyor idlers manufactured to the CEMA Standard #502. Includes Metric Values and Examples.  Available in PDF format. ($15.00) 17 pages, CEMA-575/2013.  Details and purchase information, CLICK HERE.  
576-2013 CEMA No. 576, CLASSIFICATION OF APPLICATIONS FOR BULK MATERIAL CONVEYOR BELT CLEANING, established to provide a uniform method for determining the application class of any individual belt conveyor. Includes Metric Values and Examples.  Please see CEMA store for detail on the Technical change in PDF.  Available in PDF format. (FREE Download) 9 pages, CEMA-576/2013.  Details and purchase information, CLICK HERE.
601-1995cvr-2016 CEMA No. 601, OVERHEAD TROLLEY CHAIN CONVEYORS, These trolleys are extremely flexible material, used in practically every industry worldwide. They can be installed to follow almost any path, changing direction vertically or horizontally.  Use multiple drives, and/or single paths.  Available in PDF format. 37 pages, CEMA-601-1995.  Details and purchase information, CLICK HERE.
705-2004 CEMA STANDARD No. 705, CONVEYOR PERFORMANCE TERMINOLOGY, definitions for terms used in the conveyor industry. Available in PDF format.  ($20.00) 27 pages, CEMA-705/2004.  Details and purchase information, CLICK HERE.
CONVEYOR INSTALLATION STANDARDS FOR BELT CONVEYORS HANDLING BULK MATERIALS, also known as ‘The 7th ed. APPENDIX D, in CEMA’s Belt Book’. This publication outlines minimum standards for installation of bulk belt conveyors and suggestions for meeting or exceeding these standards.  Includes Metric Values. Available in PDF format.  ($20.00) 16 pages, 2014. Please note that this was updated from 2005 with only cosmetic changes.  Details and purchase information, CLICK HERE



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