Become a Conveyor Systems Integrator

Member of CEMA


Conveyor Systems Integrator Membership. All members of the conveyor systems integration industry, as hereinafter defined, who have had a presence within the Americas for at least one (1) year shall be eligible to become a Systems Integrator Member of the Corporation.

Conveyor Systems Integrator Industry.  A conveyor systems integrator company shall be deemed to be a member of the Conveyor Systems Integration Industry if its principal business, or the principal business of one of its divisions is:

  •  the integration of conveyor components into conveyor systems;
  •  project management of conveyor system construction; and
  •  installing, maintaining, and configuring conveying systems.

Systems Integrator Membership Benefits

Main Benefits

Booked and Billed Statistics

Monthly Booked and Billed Statistics information in a large number of product categories. This is available only to members that participate in the program.

Access to members only page

A registration and password protected page of current information for CEMA Members ONLY.

Additional discount for attendance

At all meetings an additional discount is offered for additional member company’s representatives to attend the meetings.

Publications and Label Discount

At least fifty (50%) percent discount on the purchase of CEMA Publications and Labels.

Book Discounts

Belt Book 7th ed and Unit Handling 2nd ed available with your company logo at discounted rates.

Business and Labor Round Table

Business and Labor Round Table discussions at CEMA Annual / Fall Meetings.


Safety, Industry Standard Programs

Safety, Industry Standard Programs that reduce your exposure.

Safety labels and publications

E-commerce available for safety labels and publications.

TFWW Shipping & Logistics – Discounts

TFWW (TForce Worldwide) is your one-stop solution for logistics and worldwide shipping. No matter what you’re shipping, TFWW has the full spectrum of services, capacity, technology, and expertise to get it done, with special, discounted rates for CEMA members.


Meet Industry Experts

Network with experts in the conveyor industry.

Build Relationships

Develop personal and business relationships with peers in your industry through the CEMA Meetings, Sections, Committees, Working Groups, and Social Activities.

Meet trade publication editors

Access to Trade Publication Editors at Annual / Fall Meetings.

Referrals and Outsourcing

Referrals and outsourcing from CEMA Member Companies.


Exclusive Membership

Member of the leading industry association that represents the Americas’ Manufacturers, Integrators, and Designers of Conveyor Systems, Sub-Systems and Components.

Use CEMA’s Logo

Proudly display the CEMA Member Logo on your Web Site, Marketing Materials (convention booths, magazine and Internet ads) and business cards.

Access Information First

First notice of any new publications, industry standards that are being developed, notices of new membership, documents that affect you and the industry.

Industry Relevant Information

Industry-relevant topics, panels and Guest Speakers at the meetings

Systems Integrator Membership Dues

CEMA Systems Integrator membership dues are computed on the basis of each member company’s volume of Billed Sales (shipments) for the average of the two preceding calendar years. Dues are expressed in “cents per $1,000 of average annual Billed Sales” for the two-year base period.

The CEMA Systems Integrator Member Dues Rate is 45.32 cents per $1,000 of average annual Billed Sales for the two-year period.

In 2023 – Dues will be discounted 25% for statistics reporting and 25% for participation in at least one scheduled in-person CEMA meeting per year.







Statistics Participation (-25%)



One Meeting Attendance (-25%)



Fully Discounted (50%)