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The story of the Conveyor Equipment Manufacturers Association (CEMA) dates back to 1933, when the idea of an organized, professional association representing the interests of the materials handling and elevating machinery manufacturers was first discussed.  During its 90-year history, CEMA has grown and developed to respond to the ever-changing environment in which its members do business, while remaining true to its original goals and purposes:

  • To promote the common interests of CEMA members and the conveyor industry of the Americas; and
  • To promote standardization of design, manufacture, and application on a voluntary basis and in such a manner as will not impede the development of conveying equipment and component parts or lessen competition.

At CEMA’s three in-person and one virtual meeting each year, member companies discuss new developments in conveyor design, technology, and application.  Drawing upon the efforts and expertise of our member companies, CEMA provides the conveyor industry with standards, technical publications, safety labels, and safety information.

CEMA works closely with other organizations, such as the Material Handling Industry of America and the Association of Rubber Products Manufacturers, with a shared interest in materials handling, voluntary standards, and business in general.  CEMA also maintains contact with government agencies whose activities concern the conveyor equipment industry, keeping a finger on the pulse of federal legislation and regulations affecting the industry, which is then reported to our membership through our Government Affairs Committee.

With an ever broadening membership base and an unwavering commitment to its original puposes, CEMA continues as the voice of the conveyor industry of the Americas, enjoying international prestige and stature throughout the industrial community.

Meet the Board

CEMA’s Board is dedicated to serving the needs of the association and the industry. 

Take a few minutes to get familiar with our Officers and Board of Directors.

Johnny WheatJohnny Wheat

President of CEMA

President, 4B Components LTD., Morton, IL

Members of CEMA since 2014. Johnny is the Chair of the Joint Screw Conveyor and Bucket Elevator Section and a member of the Conveyor Chain and Sprocket Section, Finance/Budget Committee, Meetings Committee, and the Bulk Handling Section.

Chris Glenn

Vice President of CEMA

President, FMH Conveyors, Jonesboro, AR

Members of CEMA since 2019. Chris is a member of the Finance/Budget Committee and of the Unit Handling Section.


Rich Kosik

Treasurer of CEMA

President, Itoh Denki USA, Inc., Wilkes-Barre, PA

Members of CEMA since 2010. Rich is also Chair of the Unit Handling Section, and a member of the Meetings Committee and the Conveyor Chain and Sprocket Section.

Tamara Thimmel

Secretary of CEMA

BEHAbelt USA., Elk Grove, IL

New Member of CEMA.  Tamara is Chair of the Government Affairs Committee, the Engineering Unit Handling Section, and of the Ad Hoc Young Professionals Committee.  In addition, she serves as Vice Chair of the Engineering Conference, and is a member of the Membership / Marketing and the Strategic Planning Committees.

Andy Solis

Executive Vice President of CEMA


Andy serves as the Vice Chair of Finance/Budget Committee, and is a member of the Statistics Committee, the Strategic Planning Committee, and the Unit Handling Section.

Mike Nisenbaum

Director of Marketing / Membership of CEMA


Mike is Chair of the Strategic Planning Committee, Vice Chair of the Ad Hoc Conveyor Systems Integrator Committee, and a member of the Membership/Marketing Committee, the Conveyor Chain & Sprocket Committee, and the Unit Handling Section.

Directors 2021 – 2024

David Peacock

Director of CEMA

President, Hytrol Conveyor Co., Inc., Jonesboro, AR

Members of CEMA since 1972. David is a member of the Unit Handling Conveying Section.

Thomas D. Robertson

Director of CEMA

President, Intellitrak, Inc., Fairfield, OH

Members of CEMA since 2005. Tom is a member of the Unit Handling Section and Chain & Sprocket Section.

Mike Shea

Director of CEMA

Vice President-Global Product Management and Pricing, Dodge Industrial Inc., Greenville, SC

Members of CEMA since 1933. Mike is a member of the Bulk Handling Section and Membership/Marketing Committee.

Directors 2022 – 2025

Jimmy Swiger

Director of CEMA

Vice President of Product Management & Marketing, Martin Sprocket & Gear, Arlington, TX

Members of CEMA since 1966.  Jimmy is a member of the Bulk Handling Section and past Chair of the Membership/Marketing Committee.

Photo Coming Soon placeholder imageChris Doyle

Director of CEMA

Manager of Distributor Sales, SEW-Eurodrive, Lyman, SC

Members of CEMA since 2013.  Chris is a member of the Strategic Planning Committee.

Bob Welker

Director of CEMA

Sales & Marketing Director, Argonics, Inc., Marquette, MI

Members of CEMA since 2007.  Bob is a member of the Bulk Handling Section.

Directors 2023 – 2026

Past Presidents Representative

Photo Coming Soon placeholder image
Ray Perez

Director of CEMA

Executive Vice President, Kasa Companies – Controls & Automations, Salina, KS

Members of CEMA since 1989.  Ray is a member of the Bulk Handling Section.

photo of Noel Bell, Martin Sprocket & Gear
Noel Bell

CEMA Past Presidents Reprepsentative

Vice President, General Manager Material Handling & Services Division, Martin Sprocket & Gear, Inc, Arlington, TX

Members of CEMA since 1966.  Noel is a member of Past Presidents Committee.