• Having developed the safety labels, CEMA has identified the labels that belong on Bulk and Unit Handling Conveyors and the optimized locations to place those labels.
    • To promote safety throughout the industry, the Safety Label Placement Guidelines contained in the Safety Label Brochure are presented below as a service for review and use by manufacturers and users alike.
    • CEMA Safety Labels and Placement Guidelines were developed by the CEMA Safety Committee to provide for members and non-members consensus advice for the selection and application of safety labels for use on conveyors and related material handling equipment to assist in accident prevention.
    • The labels by themselves cannot prevent unsafe acts.
    • The label and placement program is intended as a voluntary guide and should be incorporated into a comprehensive safety program by users of conveyors and related equipment as part of their effort to prevent injuries.
    • Should any of the safety labels supplied by the equipment manufacturer become unreadable for any reason the equipment USER is then responsible for the replacement and location of these safety labels.
    • Replacement labels can be obtained from CEMA STORE or your equipment supplier.
    • The Entire CEMA Safety Label Program is detailed in CEMA Brochure 201 – “Safety Label Brochure” which is available for purchase from CEMA STORE.
*Please be advised, the pdf’s listed below cannot be printed, only reviewed.  To download go to the CEMA Store to purchase CEMA Brochure #201.



Bulk Belt Conveyors / BH-1 Roller & Wheel Conveyor, non-powered / UH-1
Bulk Belt Conveyor Accessories / BH-2 End Driven-Belt Conveyors / UH-2
Drag Conveyors / SC-1 Center Driven-Belt Conveyors / UH-3
Screw Conveyors / SC-2 Belt Driven-Live Roller Conveyors / UH-4
Vertical Screw Conveyors / SC-3 Chain Driven-Live Roller Conveyors / UH-5
Bucket Conveyors / SC-4 Slat Conveyors / UH-6
Lineshaft Conveyors / UH-7
Pneumatic Conveyors Motor Driven Live Roller Conveyors / UH-8
Rotary Valve / PN-1
Pressure Tanks / PN-2 Palletizers
Pneumatic Fans / PN-3 Palletizers / PL-1







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