Manufactured Products & Services

REMA TIP TOP is the leading manufacturer of rubber adhesives, conveyor belt repair materials, vulcanizing equipment, sheet rubber linings, skirt rubber, chute linings, rubber, and ceramic pulley lagging.  REMA TIP TOP high-quality protective coatings and industrial rubber products for wear and corrosion protection include vinyl ester flake glass coatings, soft and hard rubber lining materials, polyuria coatings, PU coating systems, and molded rubber and ceramic linings.  REMA TIP TOP provides expert factory and field installation of conveyor belts, rubber linings, tankage corrosion linings, coating systems (including secondary containment) and wear linings.

Primary Markets Served

Mining, Power Generation, Industrial Manufacturing, Chemical Manufacturing, Agriculture, Automotive, Auto Manufacturers, Recycling, Oil & Gas, Pulp & Paper Mills, Aggregates


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