Provide Consulting Services:

  • Specializing in providing consulting engineering services for the improvement of existing marine terminals and associated infrastructures handling: dry bulk, liquid, containers, and general cargo.
  • Evaluate existing dry bulk facilities to determine bottlenecks and recommend solutions to increase overall functioning reliability relating to each material handling system including storage, reclaiming, truck, train and vessel loading and unloading .
  • Evaluate existing Administration, Operation and Maintenance staff to determine overall suitable for all operations including outside subcontracting services.
  • Prepared bid documents and specifications for the design, and fabrication of new iron ore shiploaders and Grab crane unloaders.
  • Provided second opinion and recommendations to improve existing facility operations and maintenance including cost reduction.
  • Evaluated the benefits of Off Shore Vessel Unloading and Loading via Floating Cranes to and from Ocean Barges
  • Evaluated the benefits of lightering  cape vessels  to permit unloading at the existing pier water  depths
  • Evaluated existing river and ocean transportation system, identifying loading and unloading problems. Made recommendations and identified cost benefits for including such improvements.
  • Evaluate existing dust emission system to determine adequacy of equipment, collection points, and transfer chutes/skirtboards for preventing dust from escaping into work areas and
  • Evaluate each system overall availability /breakdowns  and as appropriate suggest  improvements/  recommendation including cost and benefits
  • Evaluate existing sampling systems in keeping with latest available technology such as on line nuclear analyzers.
  • Evaluate existing weighing systems/equipment to determine  accuracy levels and recommend necessary improvements
  • Assessed useful life of existing; stackers, bucket wheel reclaimers, portal reclaimers, grab cranes and shiploaders.
  • Evaluated feasibility and cost analysis for the handling of dry bulk in 20-foot containers including uploading by flipping containers
  • Provided consulting engineering assistance services in the design, unloading and storage of    container  including recovery for truck loading
  • Evaluated feasibility and cost to obtain and transport alternate fuel, such as Oil, LNG and Wood Pellets to existing power plants.
  • Provided independent facility/ system review  to  improve the overall  material handling system including equipment selection , pier arrangement , operation and maintenance  improvements and  identified areas of potential  cost reduction
  • Provided Environmental designs in keeping with latest available technologies.




  • Design Consulting and Evaluation – Loading & Unloading Ports, Storage, Reclaiming, Conveyors. Transfer Chutes, etc.


  • Joe Pirozzi: President

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