LICO, Inc. was formed in 1981 and acquired Automatic Systems, Inc., (ASI) a Missouri Corporation that designs, manufacturers, and installs integrated material handling systems.  In 1987 LICO formed LICO Steel, Inc. (LSI) a Missouri-based structural steel erecting and general contracting company.  In 1998 LICO, Inc. was acquired by Columbus McKinnon of Amherst, New York.  In 2002 previous ownership LICO reacquired LICO and Automatic Systems.  In 2003, LICO reacquired LICO Steel.  In 2005 LICO acquired OCS IntelliTrak, a Cincinnati based manufacturer of non-chain driven power and free conveyors.


Manufactured Products & Services

LICO, Inc. is a holding company with three wholly-owned operating companies:  Automatic Systems, LICO Steel and OCS IntelliTrak.