President’s Message – 2020

Michael Nisenbaum

Director of Business Development, Gates Corporation, Denver, CO

It’s my great honor to serve as CEMA’s 78th President since the Association’s founding in 1933.  CEMA’s 144 member companies, committee volunteers, directors, and staff work hard every day to support the mission of making CEMA the Voice of the Conveyor Industry of the Americas.  This team accomplishes that mission through our Safety Program, our Industry Forecasting and Statistics Program, our Standards Program, and our three annual meetings.

  • Our Safety Program includes safety standards and best practices, safety labels and training materials that help members and non-members improve the most important aspect of our business – the safety of anyone working with material handling systems.
  • Our Industry Forecasting and Statistics is a key tool for members to generate accurate forecasts, which are critical for any business planning, and especially important in these more uncertain economic times.
  • Our CEMA Standards are recognized around the world as a key reference for conveyor equipment design. Many of these standards are ANSI accredited, and all are updated and re-certified on a regular basis to ensure they represent the most current best practices and engineering.
  • CEMA’s fall business meeting and spring annual meeting are opportunities for executives to network and learn about the industry, the economy, and the future of both. The June engineering meeting provides a platform for the industry’s best engineering minds to develop and update our standards and best practices.

Thank you for your interest in CEMA.  If you have any questions about our organization, our programs or the benefits of membership, please contact me or any member of the CEMA staff.

Best Regards,

Michael Nisenbaum

President of CEMA