NEW MEMBERS – UNEX Manufacturing, Inc.


November 22, 2019

CEMA Welcomes them to the Association as new manufacturing members effective November 21, 2019!

In 1964, UNEX founder and engineer Frank Neuwirth had an idea that would transform the distribution marketplace: a conveyor that could move materials along any line, straight or curved, with a single drive motor. With only five employees and a Fairfield, NJ, garage for an office, UNEX manufactured the first cable-driven live roller conveyor in 1964. The product offered significant cost savings over traditional belt-driven conveyors and launched UNEX as an order selection system provider.

From that point on, customers turned to UNEX to design solutions to improve order picking. Although the company’s product line has evolved extensively since then, UNEX remains the industry leader in innovative order picking solutions and has become known as “The Carton Flow Authority.”

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691 New Hampshire Avenue
Lakewood, New Jersey  08701