April 16, 2019

CEMA Welcomes them to the Association as new manufacturing members effective April 15, 2019!

SPIRAC commenced operation in 1966 in Sweden, pioneering shaftless spiral conveyor technology for the European wastewater industry.  The company headquarters were relocated to Australia in the 1990s.  The company grew rapidly into the 80s and 90s through product line and technology growth, regional and global market expansion.

Their space-saving SPIRAC shaftless screw conveying technology sets them apart, creating unique efficiencies for a project. In addition to the SPIRAC shaftless screw conveying technology, SPIRAC also designs and supplies screening, dewatering, compacting, storing and transport products for wastewater handling.

To learn more about SPIRAC® (USA) here.

75 Jackson Street
Newnan, GA  30263