August 20, 2019

CEMA Welcomes them to the Association as new manufacturing members effective August 19, 2019!

CCS is a leading provider of automated material handling and industrial automation solutions to customers around the country.  Their company is built on four key principles – Cooperation, Responsibility, Communication, and Quality.  These principles are embedded in everything they do and drive them to help our customers transform their operations.

Headquartered in Frederick, MD, they provide a full range of equipment, controls, and software that helps customers address all aspects of their material handling and industrial automation needs.

They serve a wide variety of customers in the distribution, e-commerce, fulfillment, mail/parcel, and government sectors.  Their focus is always on the customer, and they take great pride in helping their customers realize their material handling goals.

To learn more about CCS, click here.

7118 Geoffrey Way, Suite A
Frederick, MD  21704