NEW MEMBERS – BeltService Corporation


June 23, 2020

CEMA Welcomes them to the Association as new manufacturing members effective September 12, 2020!

Their fabrication leadership is built on innovation, technical expertise, and a manufacturing commitment to excellence.  Their service speaks for itself.  Flat belt orders (cut lengths) are usually shipped within 24 hours from when orders are received.  hey offer the industry’s largest selection of cleated belts, 100+ different chevron cleated patterns, and a wide array of light- and heavy-duty belts designed for all kinds of manufacturing, processing, and logistics uses.  Read more about BeltService at:

Product Categories:

  • Bulk Conveyor Components, Accessories, and Systems/Equipment
  • Unit Handling Conveyors and Components
  • Plastic Belts and Chains

Click to learn more about  BeltService Corporation.

4143 Rider Trail North
Earth City, MO  63045