Become a Technical Member of CEMA


Technical Membership. All members of the conveyor engineering industry that have had a presence within the Americas for at least one (1) year shall be eligible to become a Technical Member of the Corporation.

Conveyor Engineering Industry. An engineering company shall be deemed to be a member of the conveyor engineering industry if its principal business or the principal business of one of its divisions is one or more of the following:

(a) Designing or specifying unit or bulk material conveying equipment or systems;
(b) Designing or specifying any of those bulk belt conveyor components for which the Corporation maintains reporting statistics;
(c) Designing or specifying those component parts which by reason of their unique nature, are primarily capable of usage as component parts of unit conveying equipment or systems;
(d) Designing or specifying pneumatic conveyors, automated monorails, automatic guided vehicles, conveyor controls, or any combinations of the foregoing; or
(e) Integration of conveyor components into conveyor systems or project management of conveyor systems construction.

Please Note: No applicant whose business is principally engineering can apply for or maintain membership as a manufacturing member. No applicant whose business is principally manufacturing can apply for or maintain membership as a technical member.

Technical Membership Benefits

Main Benefits

First Attended Meeting Discount

Five percent (5%) of the Annual Dues will be rebated if the member attends the Summer Engineering Conference or any other in-person CEMA Meeting.

Additional Meeting Discount

At all in-person meetings an additional discount is offered for additional member company’s representatives to attend the meetings.

Access to members only page

A registration and password protected page of current information for CEMA Members ONLY.

Label and Publication Discount

At least fifty (50%) percent discount off of CEMA Publications and Labels.

E-Commerce Available

Purchase safety labels and publications from the CEMA store.

Develop Industry Standards

Participation in writing, editing, updating CEMA’s American National Standards, Publications and Technical documents.

Access Information First

First notice on new publications, standards, and other CEMA offerings.

Consensus Process

Consensus Process of Standards / Committee work.

Industry Relevant Information

Industry-relevant topics, panels and guest Speakers at the meetings.

Certificates of Participation
All members that attend the Engineering Conferences and/or Seminars receive certificates of participation, which can be used to apply for CEU credits.

Additional Benefits

Meet Industry Experts

Access to Trade Publication Editors

All Technical Members have access to trade publication editors at Annual / Fall Meetings.

Develop Industry Relationships

Develop personal and business relationships with peers in your industry through the CEMA Meetings, Sections, Committees, Working Groups, and Social Activities.

Referrals and Outsourcing

Referrals and outsourcing from CEMA Member Companies.


Exclusive Membership

Member of the leading industry association that represents The Americas Manufacturers and Designers of Conveyor Systems, Sub-Systems and Components.

Use CEMA’s Logo

Proudly display the CEMA Member Logo on your Web Site, Marketing Materials (convention booths, magazine and Internet ads) and business cards.

Technical Membership Dues

Technical membership dues are computed on the basis of the number of employees in your engineering company, division or department that specialize in designing and/or specifying conveyor equipment or systems.

The discount for Technical members shall be 5% for participation in the Engineering Conference in the respective fiscal year.

Technical Dues are strictly for a business that is principally engineering. No applicant whose business is principally manufacturing can apply for membership as a technical member. No applicant whose business is principally technical can apply for membership as a manufacturing member.

Number of People

Annual Dues







26 or more


By number of people:

1-4:  $660

5-14:  $1,650

15-25:  $2,200

26 or more:  $3,300