Kalamazoo, Mich. – The risk of explosion due to dust continues to be an operational concern for just about every processing company. To address this, Hapman has developed the E-Line Vacuum Conveyor which is designed to be fitted with either an explosion venting or explosion suppression system, based on your application needs.

The National Fire Protection Association has been creating stricter guidelines for manufacturers’ processes and equipment, and therefore it is becoming a necessity to be in compliance, and source machinery that is explosion diffusing. In order for an explosion diffusing system to function properly, the conveyor canister must be able to contain a certain level of pressure, up to 14.5 psi, before the system activates.

“Hapman has the reputation for being a leader in meeting the needs of our customers”, states Greg Patterson, Vice President, “and the introduction of our new E-Line Vacuum Conveyor is another example of us doing just that”.

Offering an alternative solution to purging material handling systems with costly nitrogen, Hapman’s E-Line Vacuum Conveyor provides both the safety, and cost-savings manufacturers look for.

With successful applications already in the field, Hapman is the go-to in the industry; working with customers to solve not only their material handling needs, but their explosive application needs.

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