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Airport Baggage Handling
Conveyors, Components, and Systems.
Automated Monorail Systems
Conveying System which consists of monorail track, track mounted electrification, individually powered vehicles, a supporting structure, a control system, lifts, switches, and turntables as is necessary.
All types of bearings that are used on conveyors.
Bulk Conveyor Accessories  
Access Doors, Belt Alignment Devices, Belt Cleaners, Belt Monitoring Devices, Non-Rotating Belt Support Systems, Skirting Systems, Wear Liners.
Bulk Conveyor Components 
Idlers, Pulleys & Shafts, Take-ups, Hold-backs, Belt Blows, Belt Trippers, Transmissions & Gearboxes, Conveyor Belting.
Engineered Bulk Handling Systems/Equipment  
All forms of Bulk Conveyor Equipment that is based on a standardized design format or modifications typically sold as equipment items such as Bucket Elevators, Drag or En-Masse Conveyors, Vibrating Equipment, and Feeders, and Apron Conveyors.  Also, Rotary Plow Feeders, Stacker Reclaimer’s, Car Dumpers, Ship-loaders, and related types of bulk handling systems comprised of multiple equipment items and ancillary subsystems, structures, hoppers, bins, and buildings.
Conveyor Chain  
Cast, Combination, SBR, HSB, Rivet-less, Flat Top, Piano Hinge, Block and Bar, Welded Steel Mill and Drag, Apron Conveyor, Draw Bench, Steel and Cast Detachable, Open Barrel Pintle and Special Conveying Chain.
Conveyor Controls  
Safety Stops, Damaged Belt Detectors, Remote Monitoring Modules, Belt Alignment Control, Zero Speed Controls, Bulk Material Flow Controls, Pull-cord Switches, and similar controls designed mainly for Conveying Applications.
Special machines capable of building a complete unit load on a pallet.
Plastic Belts 
Plastic belts.
Plastic Chains  
Plastic chains.
Pneumatic Conveying  
Conveying Equipment and Systems designed for moving of solids suspended in, or forced by a gas stream, through horizontal and/or vertical pipes.
Screw Conveyors 
Including Vertical Lifts and Mixing Units.
Tow Conveyors  
Cart Systems and Engineered Floor and Overhead Systems including Carts.
Trolley Conveyors 
Light, Medium, and Heavy Duty Overhead-Conveyors and Engineering using Trolleys as means of conveying. Includes I-Beam and Drop Forged Chain Conveyors.
Unit Handling Components 
Trolleys and X-Chain -3″,4″,6″- Rollers, Chain and Trolley Wheel Lubricators, Flat Top Wheels, Controls, Conveyor Belts, and Conveyor Take-Ups.
Unit Handling Conveyors 
Light, Medium and Heavy Duty Unit Handling Systems, Conveyors, Accessories and/or Devices Including Engineering.
Vibrating Equipment  
Conveying machines that transport material using an oscillating or vibrating motion.

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