Hayes & Stolz

NEW MEMBERS – Hayes & Stolz Industrial Manufacturing Co.

November 19, 2013


CEMA Welcomes them to the Association as new members effective November 18, 2013!

Founded in 1945, Hayes & Stolz Industrial Manufacturing Co. has achieved worldwide recognition as a leader in the manufacture of quality, reliable, high performance mixing and material handling equipment. Originally located in a small garage at the intersections of Jennings and Ripy Streets, Hayes & Stolz continued growth necessitated building new facilities for its expansion. That expansion eventually required the closing of both Jennings and Ripy Streets and grew to span two full city blocks.

Please review all of the Hayes & Stolz Online Brochures, re: Bucket Elevators, Product Line Sheets, etc., Click on the following link:  https://www.hayes-stolz.com/mainpages/Brochures.html


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