February 19, 2013; CEMA welcomes Woodsage to our CEMA Membership.

We look forward to working with them and having them as part of our Association.   Please visit their website at:  www.woodsage.com

Woodsage was approached by a material handling company to fabricate 45 roller assemblies. We first machined the assemblies’ sprockets. This was followed by welding of the axles, rollers, and precision bearings. The products were then finished with a clear zinc finish. The dual sprocket straight conveyor rollers were 54″ long and had an outside diameter of 2.50″. After a thorough inspection and testing process, we packaged and shipped the 23 lb. rollers.

For more information about this project please see the details below. To learn about our other great services, please contact Woodsage today.

Woodsage representatives will be attending the CEMA Annual Meeting that is coming up in March from the 15th – 19th, please welcome them to the Association.