CEMA Statistics – January 2017

March 8, 2017

January 2017 booked orders when compared to December 2016 booked orders were down 21.0%.



NAPLES, FL – The Conveyor Equipment Manufacturers Association reported that its January 2016 Booked Orders increased 47.6% when compared to January 2016 orders.

January 2017 booked orders when compared to December 2016 booked orders were down 21.0%.

January Booked Orders were up 4.2% for Bulk Handling Equipment and down 27.4% for Unit Handling Equipment when compared to December.

CEMA’s January 2017 Billed Sales (shipments) increased by 2.1% when compared to January 2016 sales.

January 2017 billed sales when compared to December 2016 billed sales were up 3.2%.

January Billed Sales were down 13.1% for Bulk Handling Equipment and up 12.0% for Unit Handling Equipment when compared to December.



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