REMEMBER:  Do Not Remove, Reuse or Modify Material Handling Equipment for any purpose other than its original intended use

In an effort to promote standardization and safety in the conveying industry, CEMA has developed a series of standardized safety labels and associated literature oriented around typical hazards encountered when using conveying equipment. They are focused on the consensus hazards that can be identified with the equipment that a Conveyor OEM produces and ships from its factory. As with all safety programs, this is a work in progress.  Should any OEM determine the need for other labels or a need to modify the existing consensus safety labels, the OEM should bring their concern to the attention of the CEMA Safety Committee by contacting Phil Hannigan at CEMA.

The labels, placement guidelines, safety posters, safety videos, and technical information below constitute the CEMA Conveyor Safety Program.

The safety label program is not designed to replace an in-plant  assessment of other hazards and dangers that may exist around the equipment as it is installed at a particular location. Other warnings, labels, and signs, as well as guarding,  may be required to insure worker safety at the installed location.

It does not replace the need for an “IN PLANT” safety program to protect the workers as they operate the equipment. To that end, we have produced some safety posters,  safety videos, and safety best practices and technical information  that can assist in educating workers to the safety practices that can help promote a safe working environment in the plant.

  • CEMA Safety Label Brochure – Its purpose is to identify danger, warning, and caution safety labels which identify known potential hazards associated with human operation in and around conveying equipment. It also includes safety label placement guidelines for differing categories of conveying equipment. ($15.00) 36 pages.  Click to purchase:  CEMA STORE
  • CEMA Safety Labels – Standard safety labels have been developed for each OEM Conveyor. The labels point out standard safety issues associated with the operation and/or maintenance of the equipment.  To view each label go to our Safety Label page.


 CEMA Advice To OEMs: The English version of CEMA safety labels should be placed on all equipment by the original equipment manufacturer unless the customer specifically requests addition of foreign language labels.  If such a request is made by the customer, the request should be part of the contract, the customer should specify the language(s), and the labels should be printed by the OEM as part of the contract cost.

      • CEMA case for manufacturers to use English language labels on OEM equipment destined for the U.S. Market. (.pdf)
  • Safety Label Placement Guidelines – Having developed the labels, CEMA has identified the labels that belong on bulk and unit handling conveyors and the optimized locations to place those labels. To see the safety label placement guidelines click here.
  • CEMA Safety Posters – Free, downloadable safety posters have been developed around twelve safety tips and are coordinated with the messages and icons on the CEMA safety labels, click here.
  • CEMA Safety Videos
    • A Bulk Belt Conveyor Safety Video – This 13-minute DVD provides 12 safety rules and lessons for safer operation and maintenance of Bulk Belt Conveyors. The lessons are tied to the, free for download, CEMA Bulk Belt Conveyor Safety Poster and the Bulk Belt Conveyor Safety Label Placement Guidelines (.pdf), and the Bulk Belt Conveyor Accessories Safety Label Placement Guidelines (.pdf). Video Preview.
    • A Unit Handling Safety Video – This 11-minute DVD provides 12 safety rules and lessons for safer operation and maintenance of unit handling conveyors. The lessons are tied to the, free for download, CEMA Unit Handling Safety Posters and Unit Handling Safety Label Placement GuidelinesVideo Preview.
    • A Screw Conveyor, Drag Conveyor, and Bucket Elevator Safety Video – This 13-minute CD includes a video that describes key safety practices people should adhere to when working with and around Screw Conveyors, Drag Conveyors, and Bucket Elevators. It also includes CEMA SafetyLabel Placement Guidelines, the new handout “WARNING AND SAFETY REMINDERS FOR SCREW , DRAG , AND BUCKET ELEVATOR CONVEYORS” (.pdf), a printable version of the “Screw Conveyor Safety Poster” available here and other information.   Video Preview.  

                                                      Go to CEMA Store to purchase.

  • CEMA Safety Technical Information
    • Warning and Safety Reminders for Screw, Drag, and Bucket Elevators (.pdf)
    • Noise Hazard Reduction Technical Report (,pdf)
    • Design and Safe Application of Conveyor Crossovers for Unit Handling Conveyors (.pdf)
    • E-Stop Application Guide For Unit And Bulk Belt Conveyors  (.pdf)
    • Design and Application of Spill Guarding for Unit Handling Conveyors  (.pdf)
    • We also try to identify quality sources of Safety Training Material which members and others can access to help them build and maintain in-house safety training programs. See Other Safety Resources.

Click here to review Other Safety Resources