CEMA’s Bulk Belt Conveyor Accessories Section



Classification of Applications for

Bulk Material Conveyor Belt Cleaning

May 2, 2013


576Conveyor belt cleaners are used to remove fugitive material, otherwise known as carryback, from the return side of the conveyor belt after the bulk material has been discharged. Ideally, this will be accomplished from within the chute works so that the removed carryback will pass onto the next system element. However, other locations may also be suitable. It is understood that the methods and designs for cleaning belts are numerous.
This standard has been established to provide a uniform method for determining the application class of any individual belt conveyor. This application class will assist in the selection of an appropriate conveyor belt cleaner or conveyor belt cleaner system for the application. By ranking the application, guidance concerning the needed ruggedness and durability of the applicable conveyor belt cleaner will be available. Manufacturers voluntarily specify into which class their particular designs fall.

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