Bucket Elevator Design Guide?


They say this is an untapped area as far as “how to” publications go, not like the CEMA Belt Book which is so often referred to as the “Bible” in the industry…..and has been around forever.

I wonder why is it that an industry that has been out there dating back to 230 BC and reaching elevations of 300 feet that there just isn’t a good design publication for the industry that is standard?

Anyone know?

Well, let me tell you that CEMA is not waiting around, they are taking action and working on a new publication called “Bucket Elevator Design Application”.

Like in CEMA style, they have many members that volunteer and assist in putting together some of the most current and accurate details in their publications and it’s all done to better the Industry.

You know what to do if you want be involved….call me…..let’s talk about Conveyors / Bucket Elevators…..Kimberly